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ZTFLOOR supplies full range of underfloor air conditioning (UFAC) system for various of access floors.
It improves energy efficiency through the practical elimination of ductwork. The typical fan horsepower reductions can be about 30% reducing the buildings indirect carbon emission. Also, to reach the same stratified temperature in the occupied area, the UFAC can use less energy than overhead ceilings.
-It helps to reduce hot/cold complaints by providing individuals with personal controls in their workspace. Any diffuser placed in the floor can be equipped with dampers that provide the individual with the ability to adjust the volume and in many cases the direction of air passing through the diffuser.
-It increases air-flow effectiveness by providing occupants with the first benefit of outside air. It can deliver fresh air directly to occupants` breathing zone. The one-directional air flow replaces existing contaminated air instead of dilute or mixes it. The dirty air in the zone are carried to the ceiling by natural convection, where they are removed through return outlets.

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