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Oriented Ventilation Plate

Product Overview:
Quite different from otherair-supply racks, ztfloor oriented ventilation plate can supply the wind directly to server cabinet by adjusting the angels of airflow,to ensure the whole directions' blowing rate,instead of blowing againsts the server.

Main Performances:
A.Easy-cooling cabinet with large capacit: It has bigger opening area and larger airflow.What's more, the guide vane can supply airflow through the server cabinet,covering 93% of the whole interspace.It means 93% airflow from the rack can get into the server cabinet to offer the best cooling service.For normal ventilating board,it can only supply 30-50% of them through into the cabinet.This improvement makes it possible for oriented ventilation plate to effectively provide more than 25KW's refrigerating effects to every server cabinet.
B.Solid,artistic and durable:1072kg rolling load,1134kg designed load with the minimum safety factor of 2.0,the equipments can be moved on the airflow rack,without worrying about the rack strength.The attached insulating outer layer makes it nicer and most importantly,it's anti-static.
C.Improve the financial performance of data center: To a largest degree,oriented ventilation plate can improve the financial performance of new build or existing data center and reduce the number of air-conditioning equipments in a room.In order to save energy,reconstruction project sets speed fan in standby mode or adjust the speed fan to run in the low and static pressure condition.As the same level,93% of the air capture efficiency that makes the equipment's overall cooling capacity greatly improved,however ,40% of the cooling facilities investment reduced.
D.No isolatioin by cold and hot channel clapboard is needed:The cold and hot channel is isolation is not only bad for fireproof,but also inconvenient to layout equipment.Different from the vertical air,the oriented ventilation plate will stay against the cabinet to ensure its cooling effects,whice will be much better than diaphragm isolation.

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