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Ground single cold type variable air volume terminal

Ground single cold type variable air volume terminal,(here below we call it VAV-GSC) is newly designed for raised floor air supply system.It absorbed the good experience in construction practices and products applications.With advantages of traditional variable air volume terminals,it can better cater to the growing needs for groud air
supply system and reflect its technological superiorities,such as best ventilation effects,interior air quality improvement,energy saving and thermal comfort,ect.Instructure,it adopts ultra-thin design installed inside the floor to accord with different floor height requirements.And it is widely used in both inside and outside of any ground air supply systems.

VAV-GSC is a kind of unpowered terminal specially designed for raised floor system.Using the high-class and best load-bearing aluminum alloy sections to make slit supply air grille,it looks good and accords with any building decorations.

variable air volume terminal

2.VAV-GSC components
Standard configurations for VAV-GSC include housing,air pipes,air valve and air supply grille.For options,we have different dampers and thermostats under pressure controlling model.Without pressure controlling,you can choose DDC controller,thermostat and air volume sensor.


Air Grille Surface Length(mm)
Air Grille Surface width(mm)
Housing Depth(mm)
Types of the Blast Pipes
Cylinder Type
Square Type

4.VAV-GSC Working Mode
Standard type is for proportional pressure control mode.In cooling mode,the temperature sensor will detect the room temperature for the d-value between room temperature and setting temperature,by adjusting the air valve aperture with actuators,changing the air flow rate,to reach the setting level.Pressure-independent
control mode is also optional,and the controlling mode is the same to the normal single air terminal.


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