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Ground VAV Fan Powered Terminal

Feature description
1.FH-VAV-GFP ground series fans terminal is a set of removable underfloor air supply device.The outlet and secondary air return consist of two grills with inclination.
2.The first air is supplied via underfloor air supply system,pressure independent control.The fan runs in fixed air volume to induced some inner secondary airflow.
3.Using High precision flow sensor with FH-001 patent,it can increase the flow gain coefficient 1.2-1.5 times and accurately measure the air speed of 1m/s or above.
4.Using centrifugal machine with low noise,it can realize 3 speed adjustments.
5.500W and 1000W type heaters are avavilable for options.
6.With DDC controller,it can be connected with BA system via standard Lonworks,BACnet
or other communication protocols.
7.There are scale,LED and digital display panels for users' options.
8.Basic technical assurance:
1)The air speed for where 0.3m from the air outlet is not exceeding 0.5m/s
2)The inner temperature gradient is not exceeding 10C/m
3)The inner noise lever is not exceeding dB(A)40
4)Ensure to meet new air requirement through setting the minimal air volume.
Controlling Scheme Decripton
1.Ground series fan powered terminal is connected with the central air handling unit(AHU).We suggest to interlock the terminal with AHU directly through an air flow swith.And the switch can detect the pressure of the first air inlet.
2.When the inner temperature goes higher,the controller will release the signal to increase the firset air volume.
When the first air increases,the secondary air will decrease accordingly.
And the fan will run in fixed air volume.
When inner temperature exceeds the set point,the first air will keep at the max volume.
3.When inner temperature drops,the controller will control to decrease the first air volume.
4.When the inner temperature reaches the set point and the first air reaches its minimum,the fan will begin for the secondary air supply.
5.When it decreases contantly in inner temperature,it can start the heating coil in grading.

Disign data sheet

Air Volume m/h

Fan Power W

Power V
Outlet Pressure Pa
Heating Power W
Dimension mm


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